I am pretty sure I got at least 2 from the fib and 2 from FIB (dragging) options, my previous reading score was 54 and now 69.

Thanks mate, I must say that it was helpful and I’ll do better in my next sitting. I will keep in touch with the next update. Take care.

One of our clients encountered at least 4 fill in blanks from myPTE Question Bank, which has boosted his reading result from 54 to 69, now he is confident enough that he is aiming for 79+ in the next attempt.

For candidates who are aiming for 79+, preparing with the question bank can definitely help you to boost result significantly; moreover, the commitment to daily practice is important as well, below links are some website to practice your reading, if you can develop a habit of reading articles or newspapers for at least 30 min per day and note down all new vocabularies, you effort will be paid off with increasing reading result!