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Lately, a very striking and alarming trend we have identified is that students who really did put in the time, effort and dedication have consistently being rewarded with improvement, and many have achieved their desired score. If you are not quite there yet? Here is a list of things you should know If you are still fighting PTE.

Learn the format of every question – With PTE preparation, it is extremely crucial to have the correct knowledge of every type of PTE question. Is the question for reading, Speaking or listening? What is the response delivery format? Do you use microphone or keyboard? What are the time constraint? Time management? These are some obvious concerns you should not neglect as having a solid understanding certainly would better prepare yourself for the exam.

Prioritize your PTE preparation – For many, PTE is a journey which involves training and practice.  The amount of preparation required varies from person to person as everyone has different starting point, so it is important to have an honest self-assessment, to determine where exactly you are at on that score spectrum and to have a good understanding on your strengths and weaknesses.

Understand score distribution of each question – Many students either overlook or just aren’t aware that PTE uses complex scoring system. For example, one of our student who plateaued around 78 in reading has consistently scored 85+ in speaking despite having very mediocre pronunciation score, so he shifted focus to reading which seems reasonable. However, at that time, little did he know that despite being a speaking task, Read Aloud actually distributes its entire pronunciation score over to reading. Once he realized how scoring works and paid more attention to Read Aloud, he was able to get 79+ in reading.

Obtain feedback from professional – There’re some students who have devoted long hours every day preparing PTE, but only to be disheartened with mediocre result again and again. Don’t let it happen to you. When you get stuck, it is important to seek feedback from your PTE teacher immediately. A fresh pair of eyes plus extensive experience from a professional can really help to identify your weakness and problems which you will never be aware of otherwise.

Practice with real questions – The benefits of practicing with real questions can be tremendous. It could potentially be the winning combo with an effectiveness that is second to none when all stars align and luck favors on your side during the PTE exam. We suggest all our subscribers spend a solid 3 to 4 weeks to absorb our PTE question bank as it comes with most comprehensive list of questions around. Edited, error checked with most appropriate solution included.

And finally, adopt effective strategies and tips – There are many resources online at your disposal, you just need to find what suits you. But we will talk about this in another time. Now you have read through and hopefully ticked all boxes we have mentioned above, you just need maintain a positive and focused mindset for your next PTE exam. Good luck.

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