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PTE Quiz – Reading – Fill In the Blanks

If you don’t know how this type question works, go ahead and check out our PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks tips to get started.

In the PTE Reading Fill in the Blank, below is a text with blanks. Click on each blank, a list of choices will appear. Select the appropriate answer choice for each blank.

PTE Reading Fill in the Blank 1


Remember when universities were bursting at the seams with students sitting in the aisles, balancing books on their knees? No more, it seems. E-learning is as likely to stand for empty lecture theatres as for the internet _______, which has greatly increased the volume and range of course, materials available online in the past five years. “The ________ now is to simply think, ‘Everything will be online so I don’t need to go to class’,” said Dr Kerri-Lee Krause, of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne. The nation’s universities are in the process of opening the doors for the new academic year and, while classes are generally well ________ for the early weeks, it often does not last. “There is concern at the university level about student attendance dropping and why students are not coming to lectures,” Dr Krause said. But lecturers’ pride – and _________ competition among universities for students – mean few are willing to acknowledge publicly how poorly attended many classes are.

  1. generation/ revolution/ information/ improvement
  2. temptation/ lure/ attraction/ allure
  3. attended/ absent/ provided/ emptied
  4. fierce/ rough/ large/ major

Revolution; temptation; attended; fierce

PTE Reading Fill in the Blank 2

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison was both a scientist and an inventor. Born in 1847, Edison would see ________ change take place in his lifetime. He was also to be responsible for making many of those changes occur. When Edison was born, society still thought of electricity as a __________, a fad. By the time he died, entire cities were lit by electricity. Much of the credit for that progress goes to Edison. In his lifetime, Edison patented 1,093 inventions. The most famous of his inventions was an incandescent light bulb. Besides the light bulb, Edison developed the phonograph and the “kinetoscope,” a small box for viewing moving films. He also _________ upon the original design of the stock ticker, the telegraph, and Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. In __________ to this important American, electric lights in the United States were dimmed for one minute on October 21, 1931, a few days after his death.

  1. little/ tremendous/ marvelous/every
  2. novelty/ modification/ souvenir/ toy
  3. selected/ improved/ preferred/restored
  4. memory/ honor/ tribute/ contribute

tremendous; novelty; improved; tribute


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