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PTE success story


I received my results yesterday. I got my desired score. I got 86.

Thank you so much for your guidance towards with both the summaries. It worked for me.

Keep helping students like this and keep up your great work!

Cheers!  Thanks once again!

Congratulations to Sonam who has achieved overall 86 in her recent attempt!

  • Listening    84
  • Reading     85
  • Speaking   90
  • Writing       87

Sonam began her MYPTE PTE journey with us in early July 2018, and unfortunately she reached out to us with an all-too-familiar story of multiple unsuccessful attempts and her helplessness was clear. Through 1v1 consultation, we provided tips and strategies for writing and listening which helped regain her confidence. Obviously, her focus was on improving her listening and writing in every one of her previous tests she had scored over 79 in other skills. We mentioned several issues which are commonly experienced by most PTE takers.

As it turned out, practicing real exam questions in conjunction with our study pack made all the difference. Sonam retook the PTE on 18th September and achieved an overall score of 86.

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