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PTE Quiz – Reading – Paragraph Re-order

This section is PTE Reading Paragraph reorder question, Check out our PTE Reading Paragraph reorder tips to get started.

For this item type, you need to restore the original order of the text and leave the correct sequence in the comment section below.

a) Once restaurants are established in such environments they can do little about their location.

b) Restaurateurs often do this by engaging in battles with local authorities about car parking.

c) All they can do is work to improve customer access to their premises.

d) The physical location of a restaurant in the competitive landscape of the city has long been known as a major factor in its likely success or failure.

Answer: D A C B

a) A technology for recording brainwaves in wild animals could awaken a more sophisticated understanding of the function of sleep. Studies using miniature sleep-recording devices known as neurologgers have already challenged several long-held beliefs about the sleeping habits of sloths and birds.

b) Three toed sloths, for example, sleep far less than once thought.

c) And male sandpipers can go almost entirely without sleep during the three-week breeding season, helping maximize success at that time.

d) Now, John Lesku of La Trobe University in Melbourne and his colleagues are using neurologgers to investigate whether light pollution interferes with the circadian rhythms of tammar wallabies in Australia.

Answer: A B C D



  1. Apurva October 2, 2018 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    1) D A C B
    2) A B C D

  2. Ayman October 10, 2018 at 4:57 am - Reply

    d) a) c) d)

    a) b) C) d)

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