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PTE Quiz – Listening – Highlight Correct Summary

This section is PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary, check out our PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary tips to get started.

For this item type you need to select the summary that best matches the recording.

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

(a) Research into family history by ordinary people only started to become far more widespread in the early nineteenth century. Prior to that time, it was chiefly rich, important and powerful families who had an interest and involvement in this type of activity.

(b) The study of family history began hundreds of years ago in North Africa in order to establish such things as ownership of property. It rapidly became a common practice in many cultures because inheritance played such an important role in society and government.

(c) Originally, tracing family history was only used in order to establish the origins of prosperous and powerful families. However, by the middle of the twentieth century, ordinary people were also starting to show an interest in researching their family background too.

(d) All social classes of the general population have always been interested in recording their family history, but genealogy became really popular in the early nineteenth century due to the publication of a book concerned with methodology of determining family history.

C. it was the domain of the wealthy and few people outside those circles were even aware that family ancestry could be recorded … But it was not until the mid twentieth century … became a more common activity among the general population.

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

a) Anthropologists have disagreed for some time regarding when and how fire was first used in prehistoric times. Recent findings have now managed to finally persuade them that it was used before they thought and the principle use of fire was for cooking rather than any other purpose.

b) Scientists believe they are now nearer to finding an answer to the question of when humans first started to use fire, and it is much earlier than had been thought. Nevertheless, there is still some disagreement among researchers around what early humans actually used the fire for.

c) There has been much discussion by anthropologists about when humans started to use fires. As a result of a recent discovery it is thought that they started to make fires 300,000 years ago, but the reason they made them is still not clear.

d) Recent findings have convinced the anthropological community that previous conclusions from research done over many decades was correct in estimating when early humans started to use fire although this research was incorrect in its findings about what fire was used for.

B. evidence that early humans used fire much longer ago than previously envisaged … One question … unanswered is why they were using fire.



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