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PTE Quiz – Listening – Highlight Correct Summary

This section is PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary, check out our  PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary tips to get started.

For this item type you need to select the summary that best matches the recording.

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

(a) What makes people unique compared to other creatures is their hands.Their flexibility has allowed us to develop the manual skills that have made society what it is today. People should become more aware of the complicated anatomy of each of their hands.

(b) The thumb is the part of our hand which is most complicated in terms of the number of muscles which are required to control it. However, each of our fingers also depends on a set of nerves and muscles which enables it to carry out an extraordinary variety of different actions.

(c) The amazing flexibility of the human hand is truly remarkable. It is the result of a complex anatomy lying under the skin of the hand, and it can be useful to study this anatomy if you want to learn how to use your hands more effectively for sporting or other purposes.

(d) The human hand is extraordinarily flexible. It enables a person to do a remarkable variety of things, some demanding great precision and others requiring considerable strength. This is because of the complex structure of nerves, muscles and ligaments that makes up a hand.

Answer: D

They can be careful and precise … they can also generate huge forces … How is it possible for our hands to be so incredibly flexible? . . . the extraordinary complexity of the bones, ligaments, nerves and muscles that lie beneath the skin (the others include ideas not mentioned)

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

a) There are fewer Great White sharks in Australian waters than was once believed. This is because tagging has shown that sharks travel considerable distances, and a shark recorded east of Bass Strait one week is often recorded west of Bass Strait the next. However, sharks always return to their place of origin to breed.

b) A recent research study has shown that Australian Great White shark populations have remained surprisingly distinct as, despite travelling long distances, these sharks do not breed away from their original areas. This means that local shark habitats may have a greater effect on sharks than has been believed up to now.

c) There is a greater variety in the Great White shark populations in Australian waters than was previously thought to be the case. This means that some types of shark are actually more endangered than was believed. Scientists are therefore developing conservation programs which will help to protect these threatened species.

d) An investigation of Great White sharks in Australian waters has come up with some unexpected conclusions, as it found that the genetic make-up of sharks in one area was quite distinct from those found elsewhere. This made scientists realize that sharks do not swim as far away from their home areas as used to be thought.

Answer: B

there are two distinct species … while sharks from the east side certainly travelled to the west side of the continent and vice versa, they always returned to their home areas to breed … sharks may be more susceptible to changes in local marine environments than had been previously thought (the other summaries contain Inaccurate information)



  1. Niharika November 8, 2018 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    D , B

  2. varun6288 November 30, 2018 at 7:42 am - Reply

    1) D
    2) A

  3. Anju January 11, 2019 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    1. d
    2. a

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