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PTE Quiz – Reading – Fill In the Blanks

This section is PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks – Drag and Drop question, check out our PTE Reading FIB-Drag and drop tips to get started.

For this item type you need to choose words from the options below to correctly fill in the gaps in the text.

While Florey researchers have also created a genetic test for PD (10% of PD cases are caused by genetic factors), this new test has a broader (A) ______ by screening for many different types of PD and monitoring treatment, as well as measuring the effectiveness of drugs being developed to treat the disease. Dr. Qiao-Xin Li and colleagues from The University of Melbourne and The Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, along with Prof Malcolm Horne from the Howard Florey Institute, found people with PD had low levels of the brain-secreted protein ‘alpha-syncline’ in their blood, (B) _______ people without PD had high levels of the protein. Prof Horne said the test they developed measured alpha-syncline levels in blood. “Currently there is no specific PD diagnostic test so doctors rely on their observations to make a diagnosis, which means some patients may not be prescribed the most suitable medication and around 15% of those (C) ________ may actually be suffering from something else,” Prof Horne said. Further studies are required to establish whether this test can (D) _________ between people who are responsive to treatment and those who are not,” he said. The researchers are now conducting a large-scale study to determine the (E) ________ of the test, to discover whether it is applicable for all types of PD, and to find out if it can measure the rate of progression and severity of the disease.

distinguish            difference             effectiveness             application              diagnosed              while            applied             whatever

application        while         diagnosed        distinguish        effectiveness

What is a country, and how is a country (A) ________ ? When people ask how many countries there are in the world, they expect a simple (B) _______ After all, we’ve explored the whole planet, we have international travel, satellite navigation and plenty of global organizations like the United Nations, so we should really know how many countries there are! However, the answer to the question (C) _______  according to whom you ask. Most people say there are 192 countries, but others point out that there could be more like 260 of them. So why isn’t there a (D) ________ answer? The problem arises because there isn’t a universally agreed definition of ‘country’ and because, for political (E) ________ , some countries find it convenient to recognize or not recognize other countries. For example, Taiwan claims to be a country, but China states that Taiwan is just another part of China. The consequence is that the USA, that doesn’t want to upset China, doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a country. (F) ________ , from the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union annexed the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania but the USA continued to regard them as independent countries that were ‘occupied’ because it didn’t really get on with the USSR. So, how do governments define what makes a country?

identified            varies           straightforward          varied           answer           reasons             instability             in addition             defined           conversely

defined             answer            varies             straightforward             reasons              conversely



  1. Mahesh December 11, 2018 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    1. applied

  2. pragatikoirala0 December 12, 2018 at 11:11 am - Reply

    The answers are:
    For 1. application, while, diagnosed, distinguish, effectiveness

    For 2. defined, answer, varies, straight forward, reasons, Conversely

  3. Bk December 12, 2018 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Application, while, diagnosed, distinguish, effectiveness
    defined, answer, varies, straightforward, instability, Conversely

  4. varun6288 December 13, 2018 at 6:44 am - Reply

    1) application, while, diagnosed, distinguish, effectiveness
    2) Defined, answer, varies, straightforward, reasons, Conversely

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