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PTE Quiz – Reading – Paragraph Re-order

This section is PTE Reading Paragraph reorder question, Check out our PTE Reading Paragraph reorder tips to get started.

For this item type, you need to restore the original order of the text and leave the correct sequence in the comment section below.

a) However, the potential for crime is enormous. Some experts believe that American financial systems are losing up to $5 billion a year to computer fraud. Once a hacker has got into the bank’s system, he or she can order it to transfer large sums of money to a foreign account.

b) Any computer network connected to the telephone system is vulnerable because the hacker needs only to discover the coded password in order to gain entry to the network. All it takes is intelligent guesswork, trial and error, and perseverance.

c) At first, this appeared to be a perfect example of electronic spying, but it turned out to be a bunch of talented computer buffs doing it for fun. If they had wanted to create real problems, they could have altered files or deleted them altogether.

d) A German student sitting at home at a computer terminal connected to the telephone system managed to hack into NASA’s computers and read top secret files. He and a group of other students in Hamburg had also got into about thirty other restricted computer networks.

Answer: d c b a

a) At the turn of the 19th century, however, only a relatively small sector of the British economy had been directly affected by the Industrial Revolution.

b) For each of the three major countries of western Europe – Britain, France, and Germany – the closing decades of the 18th century were years of increasing economic prosperity, and the pace of economic development in Britain far outdid that of the others.

c) It would be a mistake to call the other two countries underdeveloped – in terms of cultural achievement, especially literature, art, and philosophy, they outstripped Britain – but they lagged behind in terms of economic development.

d) Even two decades later, the picture was little different, except that cotton had become the country’s leading manufacturing industry. It was not until the middle of the century that it could be properly described as an industrial society.

Answer: b a d c



  1. fazlul100382 April 24, 2019 at 1:25 am - Reply

    for first one .. answer is bdac and for second one, answer is badc..

  2. jeetpatel9590 April 30, 2019 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    answer already given mate

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