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PTE Quiz – Listening – Multiple Choice Question

This section is PTE Listening Multiple Choice Question-Single Answer, check out our PTE Listening MCQ tips to get started.

For this item type, you need to listen to the recording and answer the multiple-choice question. There are several possible response options but only one is correct.

PTE Listening MCQ, Choose Single Answer

Which of the following statements is true about the use of contour lines in map-making?

a) They were first used on Ordnance Survey maps.
b) Before the 16th century they were used to show hills, valleys and rivers.
c) Land contour lines were first used on a map of France.
d) Contour lines originally had a military purpose.

Answer: c)

a) is incorrect because contour lines were used in the 16th century and the Ordnance Survey wasn’t set up until 1791 .

b) is incorrect because before the 16th century contour lines weren’t used.

d) is incorrect because they were first used on a map of France and there is no mention of a military purpose.

c) is correct because the speaker says: The first time land contours were used was on a map of France, ….

PTE Listening MCQ, Choose Single Answer

According to the text, when did signs advertising businesses become compulsory?

a) In the Middle Ages
b) During the Roman occupation of Britain
c) In the 17th century
d) In the 14th century

Answer: d)

d) is correct because the speaker says: … in the 14th century, English merchants were obliged to have them outside their shops.



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    1c & 2d

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