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PTE Quiz – Listening – Highlight Correct Summary

This section is PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary, check out our PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary tips to get started.

For this item type you need to select the summary that best matches the recording.

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

(a) Business students are finding it increasingly difficult to get employment, as the standard of law courses has declined since 2007. Employers have criticized the schools for adopting unsatisfactory teaching methods, and have urged them to ensure students get higher grades.

(b) In order to improve the chances of their students obtaining jobs after they have finished their courses, some business schools are adjusting their grades. These adjustments are being made to all grades awarded since 2007 but instead of benefiting the students it is, in some instances, having the opposite effect.

(c) Some business schools have realized that their grading system has been inaccurate since 2007 and are currently making changes to correct the errors. Students’ grades are being revised, and employers have welcomed this move as it means that they will be able to employ better qualified students.

d) Since 2007, the education of business students has been improving but this has not been reflected in the grades that they are achieving. Business schools have been under pressure from employers to ensure that the grades that students are achieving match their abilities far better than in recent years.

Answer: b

They decided to award their graduates higher grades so they would be more attractive in the highly competitive job market … lifting the grades may even be damaging to the students because employers may believe that the graduates were given the high grades when they didn’t deserve them.

You will hear a recording. Click on the paragraph that best relates to the recording.

a) Many existing buildings in city centres, such as Perth are being cleared to make way for modern developments. Although this is improving the visual impact of the city, it is causing difficulties in areas where there is not enough space to accommodate the expanding population.

b) Developers in Perth and other parts of Western Australia are suggesting that it would be better to build much-needed homes within the city centre, as this would be more affordable for local people. It would also make transportation to and from jobs and shops cheaper and quicker.

c) Cities like Perth in Western Australia are experiencing a rapid growth in urban development, and the current trend is to expand into surrounding regions. Although some people think this is more cost effective than building within cities, others believe it’s having a harmful effect on the environment in these areas.

d) The housing shortage in Perth is being addressed by encouraging people to move to other cities in Western Australia where there is more space to develop new housing and infrastructure. This will benefit people struggling to find accommodation and also avoid having to develop
on bushland.

Answer: c

Urban development is … going on at a great pace and the standard approach here in Western Australia is for suburban development to happen at the outer edges of the city … Suburban expansion on the edges of the city is cheaper and easier to do than building more homes within the city … urban sprawl is destroying bush and consequently the natural wildlife that exists there


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