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PTE Quiz – Reading – Fill In the Blanks

This section is PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks – Drag and Drop question, check out our PTE Reading FIB-Drag and drop tips to get started.

For this item type you need to choose words from the options below to correctly fill in the gaps in the text.

The inevitable consequences __________ rampant corruption, an absence of globally competitive Chinese companies, _________ waste of resources, rampant environmental ___________ and soaring inequality. Above all, the monopoly over power of an ideologically bankrupt communist party is ___________ with the pluralism of opinion, security of property and vibrant competition on which a dynamic economy depends. As a result, Chinese development remains parasitic on know-how and institutions developed elsewhere.

inconsistent                 independent                 include                 degradation                   chronic                 reusable

include, chronic, degradation, inconsistent

The conducted study serves three objectives. The first objective is to reveal the __________ loaded to the child by the child-centric mother’s attitude and the effect of 5-6 year old nursery school children on the purchasing decision of families who belong to a high socio- economic class. The second objective is to __________ a child centricity scale and the third object is to examine the attitude and behaviour differences between low child-centric and high child-centric mothers. __________ the data gathered from 257 mother respondents, the researchers have found that the lowest influence of the child upon the purchasing decisions of the family are those which carry high purchasing risk and are used by the whole family, whereas the highest influence of the child upon the purchasing decision of the family are the products with low risk used by the whole family. Findings also reveal that there are statistically significant ___________ between the high child-centric and low child-centric mothers regarding purchasing products that are highly risky and used by the whole family.

Analysing               developing                develop               formulating           Monitoring            differences            values

value, develop, Analysing, differences



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