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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can these real exam questions help me?

In PTE Academic Test, the questions are often repeatedly randomised from the PTE question database that has a limited number of questions.

To put this into perspective, test takers who have taken PTE Academic Test multiple times may be aware of some questions making appearance repeatedly during the exam, this is because the official PTE question database is limited and each instance of the test is directly randomised from this selection pool.

The goal of myPTE ‘s PTE Real Exam Question Bank is to record as much as of the official PTE question database,  and with careful quality assurance measure we can guarantee a minimum of 50% occurrence of our question bank in the PTE exam.

Practicing these questions would not only benefit you in exam preparation but also help you to anticipate what will be tested.

Q. How to prepare my PTE exam by using this question bank?

myPTE recommends our customers to reserve at least one week to prepare our question bank before sitting for the PTE exam, we strongly advise you go through all topics of our materials and practice as much as you can. If you are short on time, you may focus more effort in Retell Lectures, Summarise Spoken Text, Summarise Written Text, Fill In Blanks as well as Write From Dictation, because these modules have occurrences that can usually reach to around 80% in the PTE exam. With enough practice, there will not be too much trouble for you to achieve 79+.

Q. How often do we update the question bank? 

It is an ongoing process, we update the question bank as often as Pearson releases new questions in the exam, in other words, whenever there are new questions releasing by Pearson, we will compile them together and share with our subscribers as a part of the service.

Q. Are answers included in the question bank?

Absolutely, model answers are provided for all sections. myPTE’s model answers strictly comply to the best practice. Our team regularly revise our interpretation of the official PTE Score Guide to find best possible way to respond to relatively complex questions such as Summarize Written Text, Summarize Spoken Text,  Essay Writing,  et cetera. Our goal is to  maximize PTE score for all our model answers.

Q. Do customers get updates to the question bank?

myPTE team is striving to compile the latest updates when available. Our customers who are still preparing for the PTE exam will be shared with the update on their original subscription email address on a monthly basis.

Q. What is included in the 1v1 consultation?

We provide exam tips, strategies, as well as post exam analysis for all paid subscribers via either phone call, whatsApp or Facebook, whichever the channel suits you the most.

Detailed exam tips and strategies will be provided with our subscribers during your consultation, during which we will come up customised study plan catering to your English proficiency and study progress; moreover, our expert tutor team helps to check your Summarise Written Text, Summarise Spoken Text as well as essays.

As for post exam analysis, it is beneficial to have a professional pair of eyes to analyse your performance by reviewing your score card, so you would have a better insight of your own strengths and weaknesses, so you could avoid wasting time on preparing sections that you are already good at, but only focus on what you are lacking of.

The great thing about myPTE is that when you become a member all of aforementioned services will be provided for FREE.