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myPTE team is based Melbourne, Australia. We are dedicated to provide assistance to students who are currently taking or in preparation to take PTE academic exams. 

Being the best PTE real question bank around which is used by countless number of students,  our PTE study pack offers the latest and most comprehensive compilation of all current live PTE exam question bank on the market. It comes with ongoing free update and additional PTE study material. 

myPTE’s question bank is compiled in highest quality. We ensure every question is real and authentic,  we carefully validate all possible versions using extensive cross reference checks, our model answers strictly adhere to the PTE official score guide.

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On 19th March 2018, Pearson released new exam question pool. In the event of this change, we have received a large number of feedback from students recalling many new question topics appeared in the their PTE test. We appreciate all the help and concerns.

Our team has responded swiftly with the change, our new releases incorporated a large chunk of new questions. In our latest question bank release, it contains a large majority of new questions and hundreds of new topics. More questions are coming!

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Our dedicated team maintains the updates regularly. When Pearson releases new questions we will have it added to our question pool pack. The latest PTE questions will be captured and edited on daily basis!

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