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PTE Real Exam Question Bank is designed for a PTE aspirant who is serious, dedicated and driven to succeed in the PTE Academic exam. It is a complete package which contains real PTE exam question with latest updates. There are over 1350+ pages of this special material and we provide band 9 answers too! Ongoing Free update, support and a Post Exam Analysis mean we are serious about our service and we expect you to win. Additional 12 PTE practice tests are included for you to put your mind into PTE preparation, yes it will keep you busy and focused until you crack this exam.


Attention! We have the latest PTE Real Exam Question! On 27th February 2019, 5th November 2019, 10th January and 19th June 2020, Pearson released new exam question pool. In the event of this change, we have received a large number of feedback from students recalling many new question topics appeared in the their PTE test. We appreciate all the help and concerns. Our team has responded swiftly with the change, our new releases incorporated a large chunk of new questions in every section. In our latest question bank release, it contains a large majority of new questions and thousands of new topics. More questions are coming!

Introducing PTE real exam question bank

In PTE Academic Test, the questions are often repeatedly randomised from the PTE question database, which has a finite number of questions. To help test takers, myPTE Team has been consolidating PTE exam questions from past students who have achieved all band 8 (all 79+). Our questions pool will help you to fast-track exam preparation as you will encounter around 50% questions of our question bank in the actual PTE exam. These materials include listening, speaking, writing and reading four modules. Practicing these questions would not only benefit you in exam preparation but also help you to anticipate what will be tested.

New Feature questions 

myPTE team is committed to bring the latest 100% real PTE exam questions to you. Here is a snapshot of what our question bank offers. We are constantly collecting new questions to ensure our subscribes are always equipped with latest questions and model answers.

Table of Content

As our question bank is undergoing frequent refresh, the below table of content slideshow will reflect any changes to our question bank.

Question bank Overview

Speaking - 2520 questions

  • Read Aloud: 330 questions.
  • Retell Lecture: 170 questions with comprehensive analysis, 100% occurrence in the exam.
  • Describe Image: 400 questions, usually 70% occurrence during the test.
  • Repeat Sentence: 840 questions, usually 50% occurrence during the test.
  • Answer Short Questions: 780 questions, 70% occurrence during the test.

Listening  - 2280 questions

  • Summarize Spoken Text: 190 questions, 100% occurrence from real question pool, we recommend subscribers to practice in conjunction with our audio files and memorizing key points to maximize score potential.
  • Write From Dictation: 1320 questions, about 1-3 topics will appear during the exam.
  • Fill in the blanks: 400 questions
  • Select Missing word: 100 questions
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Highlight Correct Summary: 90 questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions - Single Answer: 100 questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions - Multiple Answers: 80 questions

Reading - 970 questions

  • Reading Fill in the Blanks: 430 questions, about 2-3 topics will appear in the exam
  • Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks: 190 questions, about 2-3 will appear in the exam
  • Paragraph Reorder: 250 questions, about 2-3 topics will appear in the exam
  • MCQ: 100 questions

Writing - 290 questions

  • Summarize Written Text: 150 questions, normally 1-2 topics will appear in the exam.
  • Essay: 140 topics with complementary framework, 100% occurrence from real question pool, we recommend subscribers practice all topics before taking the exam.
  • Band 9 Essay Template: Extremely customisable and highly versatile essay template proven to simplify essay writing without compromising score potential.
  • Model Essay

Model Answer

Free Complementary Official Pearson PTE TextBooks

  • Test Builder

  • Test Plus

  • The Official Guide

  • Advanced English Collocation 


Best quality question bank

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  • New questions are captured on a daily basis
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169 reviews for PTE Real Exam Question bank

  1. Deepika (verified owner)

    The materials are extremely helpful especially for the reading subject , I have taken PTE exam five times, why didn’t I find your guys earlier!

  2. Syed Samee (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service, one of the team member has throughly explained how to prepare the exam over the phone. Truly appreciate the hard work and efforts you guys are putting in to build up my confidence for PTE. Kudos!! Cheers.!!

  3. Muhammad Omer Imran (verified owner)

    Just finished my test today, there was almost 60% from the material, two summarise spoken text topics are all from the question bank, big thanks!!! Hope I can get 79 this time!

  4. Kanchana (verified owner)

    I have no problem with speaking (90) but has been struggling with listening module. Personally I find the materials extremely helpful to reading and listening, in my last exam I got 2 summarise spoken text (Amory Lovins and Indian Peasant debt) and 3 write from dictation, Lucky me!!! There were 2 retell lectures and couple reading questions from the bank as well, I am still waiting for the result, finger crossed.

  5. Vivian Wong (verified owner)

    I was sceptical at the start and never thought this product exist, when I open the materials I actually saw many familiar questions from previous test, hope I will get same questions from the pack in my next exam.

  6. Raina (verified owner)

    I believe Pearson has changed the questions lately as there are a lot new questions in my today’s exam, I appreciate that the regular updates are provided so that I can always prepare the exam questions beforehand. During today’s exam I got traffic light food labeling and LHC in retell lecture, the latter topic is much more complicated than all retell lecture topics I have encountered before, it would be very challenging to understand what the lecture is about without going through the question bank as there are quite a lot terminologies in the topic!

  7. Akshay Arali (verified owner)

    I have taken PTE exam five times and can tell the questions are real exam questions, only thing to improve is that I hope that the question bank can be printed out instead of read only!

  8. Khanh Linh Pham (verified owner)

    A friend of mine recommended me to buy the PTE dump as she achieved 8 by practising with questions in the pack, I will try my best to practice and prepare my exam which is on 5th Jan, please keep up with the good work and keep me updated with new questions.

  9. Chris Guo (verified owner)

    After sitting for PTE three times but always missing points in either listening or reading, I got bit desperate due to visa issue and ordered the materials somewhere in Nov. Last Friday I received my result for the fourth attempt (reading: 84, speaking:90, listening: 89, writing: 81) and finally broke up with PTE!

    Last week when I was giving my test I got 3 retell lectures, 2 listening summaries and all write from dictation from the question bank, I was glad that I prepared those questions before taking the exam so that I can deal with them with full confidence. Thanks for your help!

  10. Ali (verified owner)

    Just received the materials and found some exam questions as I got in the last exam.

  11. amitangrish3 (verified owner)

    Just finished exam in Pearson, around half of exam questions are from the question pool
    Essay: Law change human behaviour
    Retell Lecture: calorimeter, environmental law
    SWT: female birds, American wine industry, and a new one (related to a country in Africa)
    SST: Amory Lovins, Einstein
    Reorders: Chimpanzee and London metro
    fib are all new though!

  12. Fahad (verified owner)

    Thanks for collecting all of those exam questions which makes 79+ achievable for many of us, in my last exam, I was following the Essay Template you guys provided in the study pack which has assisted me to get 86 in writing, plus two summarise written text are all from the pack one is skipping breakfast another is the Birth Sequence, but unluckily I missed 5 points in listening module as I missed one write from dictation due to the poor time management.

    I will give the exam in the mid of Jan one more time, Please send me updated questions and share some tips for listening module, thanks!

  13. Qiushi Wong (verified owner)

    I did my exam at Clifton today, got some common questions from the materials
    SWT: Dendrochronology; double blind
    Essay: Mass Media
    Retell Lecture: Large Hadron Collider, Survey with CEO
    Fib: job hunting
    1 Reorder out of three are in the bank
    ASQ: What does ASAP stands for?

    That’s all I can remember!!

  14. Subha Priya (verified owner)

    I just started my preparation, the question bank is well structured and also provides many useful tips, hope it can help me get 65.

  15. Yagmur (verified owner)

    Thanks very much for your support, I have taken the exam and unfortunately fallen little short of 79. Hence, I am intending to retake the exam next month.

    However, I want to thank you for all the guidance and the study materials, as I successfully surpassed 65 in all sections after practising your materials.

  16. Farrukh Saleem (verified owner)

    I purchased the materials recently after failing speaking module in my 4 attempts, so glad to find describe image questions are exactly the same with those I got in the past exams, apart from that, repeat sentences and retell lecture sections are very helpful as well. I will keep practising everyday, thanks for all the help.

  17. mandeep.kaur (verified owner)

    Truly appreciate the quick response even during holiday period. I will give five stars for the amazing customer service, the team throughly analysed my past exam results and pointed out some mistakes I made in writing module (my biggest concern), I will follow the instruction given to prepare.

    Many thanks!

  18. Kent Nguyen (verified owner)

    I have completed my test in Melbourne Polytechnic Preston today, I think Pearson has added new questions in reading, paragraph reorders I got are all new but they were rather difficult, hope I can pass reading as I was doing fine in other modules during today’s exam.

    Most of listening (SST: Drug advertisement and environmental laws, all of three wfd) and writing questions (SWT: skipping breakfast and compulsory voting; essay: tourism industry in less developed countries) are from the bank, which is helpful.

  19. Karam (verified owner)

    I have been exam collecting questions from different sources, most of them are not up to my expectation, they’re either incomplete or not in English, I have wasted a lot of money on some useless materials because I was desperate.

    The quality of these materials is not perfect but still a lot better than the rest I have collected, the questions are complete not some random pieces so I can actually practise.

  20. Sarika Sharma (verified owner)

    I was curious after seeing these your Facebook post of others achieving 79+, so I got myself a copy too. I have to say that I am impressed with the completeness of this question bank because it has many familiar questions from my previous PTE attempts, I hope with this book I will get my 79+.

  21. Harpreet (verified owner)

    Just finished my exam in Sydney Clifton, there were quite a lot repeated questions coming in the exam.
    SWT: Nambia government and London stock market
    Retell Lecture: Citizenship and 1 new topic about physics.
    1 reorder is from the question bank but all fibs are new!
    SST: Amory Lovins and kids in museum (I am glad that I went through this question just before the exam!)

    Will keep you guys updated about my result.

  22. Raj Uppal (verified owner)

    my friend recommended the question bank to me as he got heaps of exam questions from the bank, I subscribed last week and found some of the exam questions actually appeared in my last exam, I will practice thoroughly all questions and hope it can help me get my desired score.

  23. Juin Yee (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for the materials!! I gave my exam last week and got 3 SWT, 1 SST, 2 WFD, 50% FIB and 1 reorder in my exam, that is why my reading reached 88, but my listening 77. Please keep me updated with new questions because my next exam is in 15th next month. I really need to get 79 soon, my visa is ending soon.

  24. Prabhjot (verified owner)

    Truly appreciated the team, they are always there to support and provide guidance whenever you need, and I got a lot of questions from the study pack, Thanks for your help.

  25. Zalak Patel (verified owner)

    Finished my test in Sydney Navitas, below are the common questions I got in the study pack.

    Speaking: There were some common questions but forgot what topics they were, sorry I did not pay much attention in speaking as I got 90 in my last attempt
    SST: Urbanisation and Museum Campaign
    SWT: Skipping breakfast, animal and human
    Essay: the Einstein one
    Reorders: all from materials
    Fib: some from materials and others are new

    The exam went smoothly, waiting for the score now.

  26. Nissanka (verified owner)

    I work full-time and I don’t have time to attend classes so I bought the study dump, I reserved enough time to digest all the information, and I gave exam last week. During the test, it feels like I was practising the same questions again as there are so many questions coming up from the study pack. Thanks the team I got 8 within one go. Thanks for all your effort!

  27. Siyu Chan (verified owner)

    I attended my exam in Brisbane today, got plenty of common questions except for repeat sentences, which all are quite lengthy and difficult

  28. Sadhana (verified owner)

    I subscribed the question bank recently and will give my first try next week, hopefully it will help me achieve my target score!

  29. Anjli (verified owner)

    PTE done and dusted!
    Got my score — 90s in all except reading which is 80.
    Special thanks to Tia and others in the team for the useful materials and all the tips & strategies which really work.
    Done and nailed it!

  30. MJ (verified owner)

    Finished my exam in Pearson centre
    Essay and all SWT are from the bank
    Fib: spots recorder but slightly different; shelter of cows; Australian universities and others were new
    Reorders: Journalist, History of region
    SST: Secret Life of Bees, ATM machine, urbanisation
    Those are all I can remember

  31. Emma Zhao (verified owner)

    Thanks team, I finally managed to score 79 in all modules with the help of your book! Thanks for the help

  32. Aafiq (verified owner)

    Thanks for the question bank, I almost got my desired score last time and the time before because many questions came from your materials.

    I gave exam this morning, I have found many new questions, the updates you provided yesterday contains a few of those changes, thanks for the very urgent updates!!! Please provide me new updates when it is ready, I am counting on this.

    • myPTE

      We just added a substantial chunk of update! Check our Facebook post for more details. We have sent you the new updates! Good luck with your next attempt, all the best.

  33. Mohammed (verified owner)

    I am from Saudi Arabia and need 79+ in PTE for my PR application. I cannot thank you enough for the special materials because I used to struggle with listening and reading, the reading section is very helpful as almost 60% of fib questions in my exam were from your materials but I do hope your team can collect more MCQ.

  34. Raj (verified owner)

    Finally I got my 8 score in yesterday’s exam, the newly updated questions came up in my exam which helped a lot. Thanks to you guys!

  35. Ravi Reddy (verified owner)

    My friend got your book and he got 79 already, he told me he got many questions from this book. I am glad I bought book too because you guys have good answers in there compare to other materials I got. Good work!

  36. Anisha (verified owner)

    My yesterday’s test had all questions from your materials except for reading fib, I think Pearson changes reading questions.

  37. Nabeel (verified owner)

    The file is well organised thanks a lot

  38. Aafiq (verified owner)

    ALHAMDULILLAH! I finally got my 79 this morning. Thanks for your special material, the keypoints for listening summary really helped me alot. I will refer my friends to you guys, please give discount.

    • myPTE

      Very good news! We will definitely look after your friends too!

  39. grishmar8 (verified owner)

    I just bought the material and i need 75+.

  40. Sajid (verified owner)

    Hi Team
    I had exam in VIC Uni today
    Essay: life experience is more effective than books or formal school education
    SWT are from the materials: small war and overqualified employees
    SST are all from the dump: Climate change, novelist
    FIB: 3 are from the materials and the rest are all new
    WFD: two out of three are from the materials
    She is an editor of student newspaper.
    They were struggling last year to make their service paid.

  41. Mei Heng (verified owner)

    Thanks for your special material it’s really good. Answers for reading summaries are very useful, following the answers and the strategies in the pack, my writing score is finally over 80. Please send more updates, my next exam is on 2nd June. Thanks team!

  42. Naadhir (verified owner)

    Thanks team, I got my score yesterday. Both listening summaries (implicit vs explicit memories, fishing in Africa) and SWT (proteins and language decay) cover well enough in your materials, no need to mention about write from dictation, they are always from the pack.

    Thanks for your guys continuous support, it is really helpful.

  43. Xuan Pham (verified owner)

    I ordered the study pack and got the pdf that covers all types of PTE questions and answers with a clear index that can take me to the content I need, separate link with collocation list, grammar books and 12 mock tests, so far so good, I will ping you guys if any question come up.

  44. Hardik (verified owner)

    Thanks for the practice materials and all of those well structured explanation, I really don’t have time to go to classes and the materials have helped me a lot.

  45. Ahmad Ali (verified owner)

    Done test today at Pearson
    Retell lecture bomb calorimeter
    SST: “DNA & RNA” and another one is “Language and music”
    SWT: globalisation and birds migration
    Essay: Should deduct marks from students’ work for late assignment or not
    Fib: I got 2 fib and others are new ones
    wfd were short and easy, all three are from the pack

  46. samitbahinipati07 (verified owner)

    Hi Team,

    I bought your material and have my test scheduled on 9-July-18. This will be my third attempt. PFB my scores from previous attempt (taken on 23-Jun-18):

    R – 78
    W – 83
    S – 90
    L – 84
    O – 79

    Can you please let me know the chances of repetition of questions (especially READING) from your question bank ?


    • myPTE

      Hey Samit

      Thanks for choosing us.:)

      The occurrence for Reading Fill in the blanks and Paragraph Reorders is quite stable, normally subscribers can encounter 2-4 FIB and 1-2 Reorders from the study pack in the actual exam.

      myPTE Team

  47. Vicky (verified owner)

    Good Customer service, the customer service team is always there to support whenever I have questions and never fail to reply messages in 5 min.

  48. Nishima (verified owner)

    Thanks for the quality materials and continuous updates, I have got 79+ in all three modules except listening that I always miss some points. My exam is in the first week of August and hope you guys can keep me updated about new questions.

  49. Anna Nguyen (verified owner)

    Thanks for the special materials I just got my desired score, thanks for all the updated questions and support!

  50. Manpreet (verified owner)

    Thanks for team for the special materials and all the guidance, all of which are really helpful. I know where should I focus on after having the consultation with the team, really appreciate the effort, Thanks!

  51. Shah Muhammad (verified owner)

    I got two Summarize Written Text – tree frogs, globalization from the dump, it helped me achieve 85 in my recent exam, thanks for the useful materials

  52. Faisal (verified owner)

    Just want to say thank you team, I got many questions from your materials. The best answers helped me gain 65+ and now I need 79. I will practice more. please provide updates!

  53. Niki (verified owner)

    I had exam in Box Hill Melbourne center today, I got below common questions

    SST: female writer, spectacle and one new topic relating to the labor force not from the pack
    All three write from dictation are from the bank
    Retell Lecture: Cracking knees and other two topics are new
    Describe image: office plan, the size of fishes and a couple line, bar chart that I cannot remember exactly
    SWT: globalization, the benefit of honey
    Essay: life-work balance

  54. Nisar1989 (verified owner)

    My friend told me that he memorized your materials and he got the score. I am trying to do that but I am not good at memorizing so I am currently practicing those questions instead of memorizing. I am glad that I have your materials now, it will help me a lot in the exam I believe. Thank you for helping people like me.

  55. Hong Nguyen (verified owner)

    I just want to say thank you for providing support and continuous updates, I got 85 in my exam, I will introduce it to all of my friends who are preparing for the exam. Thanks again for all your help.

  56. Pooja877 (verified owner)

    I appreciate all the efforts of your team for the students who are struggling. I must say that I got 60% questions from your question bank. swt, sst, reading and writing fill in the blanks and many more were exactly same. But bad luck again, I failed with 1 mark, please provide updates with me as my next exam is on 18th September.

  57. Alok (verified owner)

    Exam memories: September 8th

    Read Loud: all new and easy
    Repeat Sentence: 2-3 repeated rest are new
    Retell Lecture: Einstein and universe and 2 new topics
    FIB: 4 repeated – rest of blanks are easy and new
    Summarize spoken Text: all from the dump – Spectacle and height estimation
    SWT: Christopher Columbus and Continent

  58. Ajay (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for all your materials it helped me to clear my exam. Thanks again!

  59. Noor Aran (verified owner)

    Thanks team, my friend told me that he memorized your materials and he got the score. I am trying to do that but I’m not good in memorizing so I am familiarizing and developing my skills. but I am glad I have your materials now, this will help me a lot I know. Thank you for helping people like me.

  60. Hassan (verified owner)

    I purchased your book in March that time my desired score is 7 each, with your help, I got 7 each but now my target is 8 each so can you please help me out?

  61. Trong (verified owner)

    I just wanna say thank you for providing real exam questions… I finally got 80+ in all skills with the practice from your question bank regularly, really appreciate your effort and keep up with your good work!!

  62. HiraJo (verified owner)

    My friends got materials from you and they recommend me to get materials, hope it can help me with my exam

  63. Duong Thu Huong (verified owner)

    Thanks for you materials and online support I got my target score this time. Thanks team!

  64. Praveen (verified owner)

    Thanks to materials I have achieved 79 in all other modules except speaking which could be either my tone or technical issue. I will keep practicing materials and try again in the mid of November

  65. Anjana (verified owner)

    This is the best website to achieve the target scores. Customer service team is very friendly and helpful. Their strategies and materials really effective. They provide Updated materials shared on a timely basis which is really helpful to boost up our preparation. After 2 weeks of preparation I was able to achieve 83 in writing which before I got only around 70.

  66. Chandni (verified owner)

    Thanks myPTE team, only because of your materials and tips I got 7 each today, I will definitely recommend your service to my friends in need.

  67. Nhật Phạm (verified owner)

    I am glad that I start my preparation with myPTE, the staff here is very supportive, especially Tia and the sir Geoffrey. I will follow your strategy to prepare the special materials. Hope I can clear my exam in December!

  68. Rana (verified owner)

    The study materials are well organized and listed in chronological order, so I can understand when those questions are released, it allows me to study efficiently, highly recommended

  69. Vicky Wong (verified owner)

    I sit for exam last Friday and got many questions from your materials, I think have done well in listening and reading modules this time, hopefully I can achieve 79.

  70. Pawan (verified owner)

    Practice material provided online is really helpful and the customer service is supportive. I recommend the study pack to everyone who is looking for desired score.

  71. Pradeep (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! I got my desired score of 79+. The team helped me understand and learn the strategies and short cuts for the exam and I got quite a lot exam questions from the pack.

  72. Manu (verified owner)

    I got my desired score for less than 2 months, thanks to myPTE team. highly recommended, amazing team and useful materials.

  73. alshafea88 (verified owner)

    Thank you mypte team

  74. Preet (verified owner)

    Just want to thank you team because with the help of your material, my last score goes up

  75. Suman (verified owner)

    I got overall 70+ today, thank you Tia for your ongoing help and I will definitely recommend your service and materials to whom want to crack PTE.

  76. Syed Hassan (verified owner)

    Thanks for the timely updates, even though my friends told me that the Pearson changed questions in January, I still got loads of questions from materials. And the team always respond to all my enquiries instantly, very helpful.

  77. Yan Zhao (verified owner)

    I am not sure if I am comfortable with autoplay of audio lists, the materials are very useful though.

    • myPTE (verified owner)

      Hey Yan

      Thanks for raising your concern.:)
      If you don’t prefer auto-play, you can find segmented audio options on the same audio page, please double check and let us know if there are any further questions.

      myPTE Team

  78. Palv (verified owner)

    I just got my desired score today and I would like to express my gratitude to the team for making this happen, thanks Tia for reviewing my essays and all your continuous guidance, cheers

  79. Farrukh.S (verified owner)

    mypte provides good-quality PTE preparation material, by following it I am able to prepare exam with the guidance of the team. It is self explanatory and you can do it at your own pace with required guidance. Highly recommended!

  80. Lyn Nguyen (verified owner)

    It is quite painful to go through loads of questions to practice but hopefully the hard work will be rewarded.

  81. Sree (verified owner)

    I got my desired score today, I don’t have enough words to thank mypte team, they provide very useful real exam question with excellent tips and strategies, and I have been constantly receiving updated questions on a regular basis, this is one of the greatest place to study PTE for 79.

  82. Divya (verified owner)

    To be honest I have collected some pte materials from different sources before my subscription, but sometimes those answers from internet don’t look quite right to me, plus I need someone to give me guidance over some questions, so I subscribed from this site. They provide hundreds of actual exam retell lecture and sst audios which are exactly what I need to attain my listening score, and the team is very supportive, the only imperfection is that they don’t have listening MCQ audios, hope the team can upload them soon.

  83. Yasir (verified owner)

    I sit for exam today in Pearson test centre, and I got quite a lot questions from the prediction file: f4 FIB, one Summarize Written Text and two Summarise Spoken Text – one is Fight and Flight and another is moon formation.

  84. Yeongho Kim (verified owner)

    I highly recommend MYPTE to anyone who is currently working on PTE, you will be provided with up to date materials and useful information related to the test. All trainers here are very supportive and Tia always keep in touch to check my study progress and answer my enquiries. Once again, thank you so much for your ongoing support.

  85. Shaik87 (verified owner)

    I have just achieved my target in PTE with 90 overall score, I came to myPTE with overall 67 and thanks to the continuous help of Tia and Bo as their support and special materials are the main factor that led me to my dream.

  86. Gundeepkaur (verified owner)

    I am referred by one of my friend and hope materials can help me get 65 as I am always missing points in writing.

  87. Sujan1987 (verified owner)

    I gave my exam today in Latrobe
    Read Aloud: 2 are from the prediction file
    Repeat sentences, 1 is from the file and others are new
    ASQ: All from materials
    RL: 2 from materials and 1 is new (Apple tree and Taxonomy, whereas new topic is about patent)
    SWT: 1 is new and others two are skip breakfast, technology and computers
    Reorders: all are from predication file
    FIB: about 50% are from the file but cannot remember clearly
    SST: two from predication file (identity theory, another is about Mars)
    all three wfd are from file

  88. VivianB (verified owner)

    Thanks to your materials and updates, I have achieved my desired score, also a big thank you to Tia for your constant help, I am a full time worker who don’t have too much time go to class, preparing special materials allows me to make the best use of my free time and get my score in 2 months.

  89. Mandeep Kaur (verified owner)

    PTE materials are helpful and customer service are supportive, I would recommend it to everyone.

  90. Lakshmi87 (verified owner)

    Thanks for prediction file shared this week, I got at least 70% the same questions from the file – writing questions are all from the predication file, 3 write from dictation and 2 SST are the same, there are also 5 reading FIB are repeated from the file, but all reorders are new, I will share my result if I pass.

  91. Kalpesh (verified owner)

    Materials are quite helpful but where can I find latest write from dictation audios?

    • myPTE (verified owner)

      Hey Kalpesh

      Thanks for leaving a comment, please find latest Write From Dictation from top menu bar – Audio Resource – Write From Dictation, segmented lists are marked with date in which they are updated so you can prepare accordingly.

      myPTE Team

  92. KrisLee (verified owner)

    In my opinion this website is the best place to prepare PTE exam, especially the team is always there whenever I have doubt, and they always follow up my preparation and give me support, those questions are up to date, right now I am back in Singapore for holiday for two months and surprisingly find that question bank is valid here as well.

  93. Mandyforpte (verified owner)

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    SWT: industrial revolution, kids museum
    RL: free sugar
    rs & wfd are all from mypte
    reading reorders: indian IT, uni cafe
    reading fib questions are new not from mypte

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