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PTE Describe Image

In PTE Describe Image, you will be prompted to give a verbal response to a single or more images, occasionally the question would also come with text. The response length should be at a minimum of 25 seconds long and up to a maximum of 40 seconds. Additionally, it should be noted that in some rare circumstances, the image can be very odd or even bizarre which may catch students off guard.

1) Content is not as important as Pronunciation or Fluency

Whether you understand the graph or not, the only prime thing to keep in mind is that it is a speaking task so you have to speak and show that you can speak. You should mainly focus on pronunciation and oral fluency.

2) You are not expected to explain every detail within the image

The image that carries a lot of information within, you need to explain the overview of it. There is no need to explain every detail mentioned in the image. You are expected to focus on the striking features or the features that can be distinguished.

3) Try to speak more than 30 seconds.

Test takers are expected to speak more than 25s if you are after 65+ and speak more than 30s if you are after 79+. Content is not as much important as pronunciation or fluency; however, it must be relevant to the graph.

4) Organize your description of the image

If you organize what you say, you will get a better score. This is because a well-organized answer is more likely to cover the main information as well as the additional details, and also talk about conclusions based on the information.

Description should cover “Introduction + main body + conclusion”.

5) Types of Images

There are different types of images including in Describe Image Section, including bar-charts, line-charts, pie-charts, tables, maps and pictures.

6) Focus more effort in Describe Image

Describe Images has the highest weight in Speaking Module and it is followed by Retell Lecture, so please focus more effort on this section if you are lacking scores in Speaking module.

The best way to improve is to practise all of Describe Images questions within the study pack, including Six Main categories Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Flow Chart, Table, Line Chart as well as random images. When you practice, work hard at improving three assessable elements: pronunciation, fluency and content. Use the “Introduction + Main Body + Conclusion” Structure to organise your ideas, and practice to a point where it sounds natural and fluent.

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