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How does it work?

PTE exam is very popular and due to the limited test locations around Australia, the bookings are almost always fully booked for 1 or 2 months advanced. To help our customers to get EARLIER PTE spot, myPTE uses latest automation technology to scan and catch any available PTE exam slot and book PTE exam for our customers. The process usually takes 1 to 7 days with 100% success rate. We can help you with PTE exam booking in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the rest of Australia? Heck we will book PTE exam for you worldwide! Please check out our successful cases.


  Select dates and centres
pte booking requirement

Choose Your preferred dates and PTE exam time slot and preferred PTE test centres

  Provide PTE account info

Confirm your PTE exam booking with our sales and provide your PTE Academic account information as well as make payment.

 Waiting for the good news

Sit back and relax, once PTE exam booking is completed. You will be notified by us and Pearson’s email.

PTE exam booking service fee

The PTE exam booking is $80, please provide a period of 7 days and choose min 3 test centres, in order for us to maximise the chance of getting a spot for you.

Booking service has been put on hold and we not longer take exam bookings.

Check out our successful cases

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