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PTE Highlight Correct Summary

PTE Highlight Correct Summary task

1. How you are scored

In PTE highlight Correct Summary, you are tested for your reading & Listening skills. This item contributes towards your reading & listening score.

This item is marked correct or incorrect. There is no negative marking. If you answer the question right you get 1 mark, otherwise you get zero.

2. Utilize 10 seconds preparation time

You will see an audio status box which will count down from 10 seconds, then the status will change to ‘playing’ and the recording will begin. Before the listening begins, scan your eyes down the answers – for just 3 seconds – very quickly. Just notice a few words. That will give you an idea what the text is about.

3. Note taking is essential

When you hear the recording, you should take notes. You should practice effective note taking. This helps to identify the main idea in the recording as well as the points that support the main idea.

4. Use elimination method to rule out wrong answers

Now read the summaries. The correct summary should consist of the main idea and the supporting points.

  • Exclude summary or summaries which focus on minor idea in the recording.
  • Exclude summary which contains information not given in the recording.
  • Exclude summary which contains opposite information of what is said in the recording.
5. General Listening Practice

The best way to get good at this task is to do lots of listening practice.

The beauty of working hard to achieve your target PTE results is that it isn’t only the ticket to your next goal, it is also an excellent way to improve your language skills and your ability to communicate effectively in English. So all the hard work will pay off in the PTE result you need and in easier, more effective communication in English.

You can improve your PTE Highlight Correct Summary results specifically by doing test question practice and you can improve it generally by listening to:

BBC News

Scientific America – the audios of 60 seconds’ science are less than 90 seconds, play the recording and write down the main idea. Use the transcript button below the audio to read the talk after you have listened. Analyse your performance.