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How to prepare for PTE Exam?

How to prepare for PTE Academic? This question can be tricky and depends on many factors including: What are you currently scoring? What is your target score? How much time do you have and how many hours you can reserve for preparation on a daily basis? Consider this for a second: You have only [...]

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PTE Question trends explained!

Many students are concerned about the potential large-scale change of PTE questions while few others unfortunately faced unexplained sudden decline in their scores. Like mysteries, these are the questions which nobody can give a definitely answer. However, the mystery unwittingly points toward the obvious feature of PTE – Machine Learning, a form of Artificial [...]

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[PTE Describe Image Example] How to tackle Flow Chart?

This is an PTE Describe Image Example. In PTE Academic test, there will be questions where one or more images appear in front of you, and there are barely 25 seconds preparation before you have to describe it.  It is a pretty daunting task if you haven’t done this before, but don’t [...]

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Latest PTE Retell lecture

PTE Retell lecture  - Trade - Offs Between Conservation, Development And Poverty This is the latest retell lecture topic collected by our expert team, it has been compiled with all other Oct release into our study pack, SUBSCRIBE the question bank today and get access to the complete question bank for your [...]

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