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PTE Re-order paragraphs

PTE Re-order paragraphs is part of the PTE Reading task, in this article we will provide you a brief guide on how to approach this question the right way. For exercise, please visit our quiz page to practice.

1) How you are scored

Partial credit:

1 Each pair of correct adjacent text box

0 Minimum score

2) Read the full text   

You are given jumbled text and need to reorder them in a paragraph that makes logical sense. Most of the sentences given will have a structure and a chronology i.e. sequence of events that happen one after the other. Your goal is to simply identify this.

Read all the text boxes quickly before you start re-ordering them, and use the keywords to form an overall idea of what the original text is about.

3) Find the topic sentence first

Start with the first sentence as this is the most easily to identify. It is usually a clear statement about the topic, and all the other sentences are related in some way to this sentence. This is the sentence that will have the overall topic idea/statement within it.

The topic sentence can stand alone; it does not begin with a linker or a pronoun that refers to something or someone (e.g., ‘he’ or ‘this’), nor does it does refer to information or actions previously mentioned.PTE Re-order paragraphs

Note any paragraphs that begin with conjunctions such as However, Nevertheless, But, Also, Furthermore, and so on. Such sentences do not usually go first. Additionally, paragraphs that are referring back to text in a previous paragraph will probably contain pronouns referring to someone (e.g., he, she, them, they) or something (it). Any other clues that related to sequences (Another, firstly, secondly, finally, next, subsequent, following, in addition, too) should be noted as they will probably not be the first sentence.

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