PTE Select Missing Word

PTE Select Missing Word task


Select Missing Word question type is one of the easiest types in PTE exam. You will hear an audio, the last word or group of words in the recording has been replaced by a beep. Your task is to select the missing word or words from the given options.

To score well in this question type you have to understand not only what is being said, but also the overall context of the audio, before deciding the most appropriate option to complete the recording. Your knowledge of vocabulary, collocation, grammar can also be tested in this question type.

You will be given 7 seconds preparation time, in the 7 seconds before the listening begins, highlight what the question topic is, skim the response options and draw upon your background knowledge to help you focus your listening and predict your answer.

During the recording, listen carefully and focus your attention diligently on what is being mentioned. Make a mental note of the gist, any repeated words and other important content words. The more you can understand the audio, the easier it will be to decide which option best fits in context.

Keep an eye on the progress bar. You should pay a lot of attention on the concluding part of the recording as this section is directly relevant to the answer.

Once you have this information, then the next step is to decide which of the given options will go with it.

After picking an option, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself. Does this sentence correct grammatically with the chosen option? Does it make sense? Does it complete the incomplete sentence? If a given option tick all the boxes, then that is the correct option.

  1. For each item in PTE select missing word task, there are three to five response options but only ONE option is correct. At the end of the recording, click on the option you think is correct.
  2. The next recording does not begin playing until you click ‘Next’. So you have a little time to think about your answer. If you want to change your answer, click on it again to ‘de-select’ it. Then click on the option you think is correct.

pte select missing word

Summary of Key Strategies for PTE Select Missing Word

Before you listen:
  • You must use the 7 seconds you get before the audio starts playing, to take a quick look at the topic and the options. The topic will be mentioned in the instruction.
  • You can solve this question without putting pen to paper. However, we strongly recommend taking notes for this one, as the distracting beep sound can make you lose focus.
  • Be ready for different accents and speeds of speaking.
While you listen:
  • Listen actively for “discourse markers”. These linking words are used when the speaker introduces new information or links ideas. Some examples of discourse markers are: “anyway” “therefore” “but” “however” “as a result” “I mean” “on the other hand” “in fact”
  • Stay alert and keep your ears open, especially as the recording gets closer to the end/final statement. Use your erasable notepad to note down the last few words just before the beep sound.
After you have listened:
  • Read the options and choose the best one. You should be able to figure out which word was bleeped out, based on the words preceding it.
  • Rule out wrong answers by elimination method
  • Since there is no negative marking in these questions, you may take a guess if you don’t know the answer.
  • As soon as you select an option, click next to move on to the next question.

PTE Real Exam Select Missing Word Questions

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