PTE Write From Dictation

Understanding the task

1. How you are scored

PTE Write From Dictation task contributes to your listening as well as writing score.

Partial credit:

  • 1 Each correct word spelled correctly
  • 0 Each incorrect or misspelled word

1 mark is awarded for each correct word (only if the spelling is right).

if it’s a 10-word sentence as below
Control systems in manufacturing require a high level of accuracy.   

And your responds as below

Control system in manufacturing requires high level of accuracy.

Your total score for this question will be 7/10.

2. Note taking

Many students try to type it directly in the input field once the audio starts playing, or first understand and then type after the audio has stopped playing. The only downside is that it can be challenging to type the whole sentence correctly while listening to the audio. This method might work for simple/short sentences, but some of these sentences can also be a bit longer. Typing directly will become especially difficult in that case.

The other alternative is to write it down in your notepad and use that to write the final answer in the end.

The approach we recommend is usually a combination of all these methods. If you are typing in directly, instead of typing the whole words, you can just note down the abbreviation or just the initial of each word. If you prefer to take notes on your notepad, the method would be the same. The key is that you need to use shorthand as much as possible while taking notes.

For example, “people” can be noted as “ppl”, “globalization” can be noted as “glo”

Audio: There is a significant difference between theory and practice in education.

So you can note down as: Th is a sig dif bet thry & prac in edu.

After the audio is played, you can look at what you have written and expand it into complete words.

Whether you type directly or first write on the notepad totally depends upon your personal preference. Basically, you can go ahead with whichever option works better for you. We recommend that you can do some practice using both approaches and see which gives you better result. Follow that method in the exam.

3. Don’t fall behind the audio

If the speaker has gone ahead to the next word, you should stop typing or writing immediately and go to the next word. If you get stuck on just one word you can completely miss the remaining sentence.

4. Put all the words in the correct order

Even if you manage to get all the words right, you might lose marks if the correct sequence is not followed in Write from Dictation tasks.

5. Check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes

In the end proofread what you have written and make sure it makes sense. Every sentence in your response to Write from Dictation task should begin with a capital letter, and end with a full stop. No other punctuation marks are required. Don’t introduce articles where it is unnecessary.

Stay clear from mixing singular with plural nouns. Mistaking “tree” as “trees” or “levels” as “level” are all considered as errors. If you cannot remember if it is singular or plural in the audio, use your knowledge of English grammar to help you decide.

6. Do not skip the question

If you are unable to recall all the parts of the sentence, type as many words accurately as you can. Since there is no negative marking, writing even a fraction of the sentence will fetch you some marks.

7. Don’t forget to click next

Please remember that the next item does not start until you click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

8. Practice core skills

Do not underestimate the importance of a little daily practice. Listen to some English audios, such as daily news or podcasts and try to write down after what you are listening. Scientific American is a good source of audios to listen to.

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