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Repeat Sentence

1) Listen to the phrasing of the sentence

You will be scored on the correct word sequences that you produce for this item type, so the more phrases you understand, the better your reproduction of the sentence will be. For example, there are three phrases in this sentence, separated by /, and each one carries a separate message that has its own meaning:

Next week’s tutorial / on Tuesday / has been cancelled.

If you listen for meaningful phrases in the sentence, you will have a better chance of repeating what you hear accurately.

2) Copy the stress and intonation patterns of the sentence you hear

Make a mental note of the way the speaker uses stress and intonation on the recording. These patterns help to convey the meaning. Speak calmly and clearly, copying this stress and intonation.

For example, if the speaker says a long ‘Librarrrrrrry’ then test takers are supposed to do the same. If the speaker stressed on ‘Top’, the test takers are also supposed to repeat. This is how scores from this task are put across for listening section too.

3) How you are scored 

3 – All words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence

2 – At least 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence

1 – Less than 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence 0 – Almost nothing from the prompt in the response

Pronunciation: 5 Native-like  4 Advanced  3 Good  2 Intermediate  1 Intrusive  0 Non-English

Oral fluency: 5 Native-like  4 Advanced  3 Good  2 Intermediate  1 Limited  0 Disfluent

An important point to note regarding the scoring is that you get 2 out of 3 for content even if you speak more than 50% of the words from the recording. So if the recording is 10 words long and if you speak even 6 words correctly you still get 2 out of 3 for content.

The rest of the scoring is for pronunciation (5) and oral fluency (5). You will score better if you speak a sentence with 60% accuracy and you are fluent than if you speak with 100% accuracy and have breaks in between. The key message is not to worry too much if you miss out on a few words. Just speak what you have understood as fluently and confidently as you can without breaks and hesitations in speech. 

If you would like to practice Repeat Sentence, our online platform below (100% real exam questions) is a great place to start!

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