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PTE Retell Lecture

1) Try to speak around 35 seconds

In this section, you will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, in 10 seconds you need to speak into the microphone and retell the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.

The goal for you here is the same as in describe image, speak for 35 seconds, without long pauses and hesitations in grammatically correct English.

2) The strategy of taking notes

Make sure you take notes while listening to lectures. You may not get time to write down full sentences. If you can write incredibly fast, then that’s great. Most probably you are not going to be able to write entire sentences, so try writing down key points that can help you to recall the content. Try to include any facts, figures, numbers or dates given as these should be relatively easier to note down. 

The lecture will be longer than the time allotted so you do not need to cover all points when you speak. So do not worry if you miss out on few things while taking notes.

You only have 10 seconds preparation time before you speak. You don’t want to be writing down notes ideally during these 10 seconds, but instead, you would want to quickly review your notes and get have an idea of what you are going to say.

If the speaker mentioned any terminology or name that you might not be familiar with, do not write the names but use alternative word to replace it. For example, if it’s said “Dr Michael Alexandra”, you just say a doctor said bla bla bla. 

3) Maintain fluency

You only have 40 seconds to speak and make sure that you include all the main points of the lecture. If you repeat ideas, correct yourself or hesitate, you will use up valuable time and lose score points. So keep talking and ignore any mistakes that you make.

4) Correct smooth English weigh more than content

Correct smooth English, delivered at a natural rate, has higher weightage over content here as well. You get fewer points if your content is correct and your English is bad. This doesn’t mean you talk about ‘life on mars’ if the topic is on ‘conserving nature’. Stay broadly to the topic all the way.

You will need to say some key point from lecture and in the middle you can insert sentences like “The lecture also mentioned that”, “According to the lecture,…” to maintain your fluency, if you pause or say aah, hhh, then you will lose points. Always remember to answer with clear pronunciation and always maintain fluency. If you pause in middle you will get bad score, and also keep in mind that after 3 seconds of pause the microphone stops recording.

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