We understand the frustrating experience associated with PTE exam booking, and trying to book those few rare slots that do show up occasionally certainly does feel like gold rush and the chance of making a successful booking can be very slim if not impossible. Worry no more! With expertise in cutting-edge automation technology, we are confident to deliver your request with precision and speed. Our PTE booking service brings you flexibility with pick by date, location and to some extend even by exam time-slot.

– Choose your date range (请选择您需要的考试日期范围)

Date SelectionPrice
7 days or more range$50
6 days range$60
5 days range$70
4 days range$80
3 days range$90

– Choose how many locations (请选择您需要的考场)

4 centres+$0
3 centres+$15
2 centres+$30
1 centre+$45